Thursday, January 12, 2006

Who is Kyle Wright?

I, Kyle Rowe Wright, was born in Las Vegas (1968) the youngest of five to the then Klara Rowe Wright and Frank Thomas Wright. I grew up in Las Vegas until the middle of the 5th grade (I went to George E. Harris Elementary School which was a just one street over from our house at 3689 Madrid Street (street view)) and then moved to Clinton, Mississippi with my family.

I then moved with my family to Washington, Utah (St. George) before the start of 6th grade and lived there (in a house at 2000 S -- at the time we were about the only house around) until going to Japan to serve as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (1987-89) in the Japan Nagoya Mission.

I returned to Las Vegas upon coming home from Japan and went to UNLV for a semester and worked as a tour guide at Yahiro Tour Services (at the time Yahiro handled almost all of the JTB and Kintetsu tours so we were pretty busy -- I must have flown to the Grand Canyon about a hundred times). I then transferred to BYU in January 1991 to study Japanese. I married Yukari Kamimura on August 22, 1992 in the Las Vegas Temple.

I graduated from BYU in April 1993 and then moved to Inuyama, Aichi so I could start working as an in-house translator/interpreter. My oldest son, Hikaru Adam, was born on April 10, 1995.

I bought a house and moved to Matsuyama, Ehime in December 2001. My second son, Noah Nozomi, was born on October 1, 2003.

In August 2006 I moved to Ohio to start work at Honda R&D. Yukari, Hikaru and Noah joined me in February 2007.

However, in April 2008 Yukari left us (she moved to Utah). In December 2008 we divorced. I have custody of Hikaru and Noah and they live with me in Ohio.

(A disclaimer on my name: My dad is actually a second generation Italian and has since changed his name back to deCesare. He had taken on his step-father's name of Wright when he was younger. Now, since my brother has also changed his last name to deCesare and all my sisters are married, I am the only Wright left among my siblings and parents.)